EVOKED - Ravenous Compulsion LP OUT NOW
EVOKED – Ravenous Compulsion LP

Hail Death Metal Community,

Yes it´s done,the beast is unleashed now! Defying Danger Records
is proud to present “Ravenous Compulsion“, EVOKEDs long-awaited debut full lenght album is OUT NOW, as D.D.R. #031 on Vinyl!

8 tracks, gritty, fast and mean, will rip through your chest with its aggressive riffs and cavernous vocals.

Taking a similar route to bands like AUTOPSY mixed with MORBID ANGEL, this record will have you stomping in doom one moment and staring into space the next.

Songwriting is another strong suit for EVOKED. Each track has multiple riffing sections and even atmospheric parts, all of which are strung together creatively.

It makes for a fun listening experience, and it means that the listener won’t become bored.

EVOKED created a good debut for themselves, and this will be a great foundation on which to build a great discography.

Here you can get this strictly limited vinyl edition in two different colors
(300 copies black & 100 copies red) album stickers & free download code.
Buy & die you filthy sickos!

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