INFEST- Deathrash Attack Tour 2019
INFEST- Deathrash Attack Tour 2019

The serbian Deathrash Legion 666 INFEST is rolls on again with their swedish turbo-lovers from TURBOCHARGED in may 2019.

For this another european-tour, they will recorded 2 brandnew tracks to present this on stage for first time!

Check out the dates and move your ass to the metal warriors of legion 666 to bang your head exorbitantly!

here some words from Mr. Vandal for you:

„Metal is about unity, respect and passion!

Doesn’t matter what you eat or drink, where you live, if you are rich or poor, doesn’t matter whats the color of your skin, doesn’t matter if you are on the stage or in front of the stage…

We Don’t Care!!!
Under The Sign Of Legion, Under The Sign Of The Same Blood!

See You On The Road Brothers And Sisters!
See You On The Road Warriors!!!“

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