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Death Praising Tunes from Germany! ARROGANZ create in the 40 minutes on Primitiv-Tape a perfect way of darkness,to exhale their new, own infernal visions of blackenend death metal. The somber trio allowing black metal to seep into and corrupt their powerful death metal base, they have created with „Primitiv“ an album of extreme depth & […]

The people there already mentioned it and now it is official. Our friends from DISREPUTE have finally a new drummer. Lutz from mighty PURGATORY is now a part of DISREPUTE . We say welcome to the real fucking madness in the Defying Danger Records family!

Hey Freaks and Bangers. Today finally signals the arrival of the first SKELETAL REMAINS Album “Beyond the Flesh” on tape” First released as CD and LP in 2012 hear now comes this Death Metal Beast in a pure oldschool form as a handnumbered Tape Edition of only 300 copies from Defying Danger Records. You like […]