Welcome to Hell!
We are be capable today to proclaim our next CD-Release on Defying Danger Records is OUT NOW!!!

INFEST the devilish Deathrash Legion 666 from serbia is ready for the next storm on the thron!

After 3 long years since the latest album “Cold Blood War” and a lot of creative ideas the 5th full length album “Addicted To Flesh“ is ready to rumble your CD-Player in permanent rotation from now on.

Just in time before the “Addicted To Your Flesh “Tour with TURBOCHARGED starts we can offer you the unrestrained Deathrash Mania.

You can be curious for the 8 new tracks+Intro on „Addicted To Flesh“, none will be disappointed!

We’ re really happy to shoot out this amazing deaththrash bullet as
Defying Danger Records CD #024 into the earth orbit today!

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