Time is ready for another gorgeous album on Tape in 2017!
We talk about WOUND from Wiesbaden with their 2nd full lenght album named „Engrained“.

WOUND will be back more than 3 years after the successful debut „Inhale The Void“
in February 2017 with their brandnew 8-tracker inlcuded 46 minutes of classic outstanding blackened Death Metal coupled with thrashy inserts.

DEFYING DANGER RECORDS can bring this nice musically crossbreed to your home
as limited edition of 300 handnumbered units Tapeversion.

The D.D.R. Tape Series # 021 will be run out on a cold, dark day and
so we look forward to the 2nd february 2017! Pre-sale starts soon.

In the waiting period, you can visit the new videoclip „Morbid Paradigm“
A part of our cruel reality today!

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