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“Death the brutal way”? Indeed! Germany’s DESERTED FEAR unleash with „Kingdom of Worms“ a pure death metal inferno. Out now on limited tape edition of 300 handnumbered pieces! Are you ready to enjoy this release? Order here!

Take a look on the good reviews for the Thornafire – Magnaa Album 10/12 Points from 9/10 Points from 7/10 Points from 7/10 Points from good from Order in our shop here!

Limited edition of 300 handnumbered pieces ready to enter your Tapeplayer on 12th December 2014 – Pre-sale with 10 discount starts soon! Save your preorder copy here! Supporting MORBID ANGEL on their german gigs: Di 02.12.2014 München / Backstage Mi 03.12.2014 Mannheim / Alte Seilerei Do 04.12.2014 Essen / Turock So 14.12.2014 Hamburg / Klubsen