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  DESASTER from Koblenz rumble along at the highest level on their sixth album “666 – Satans Soldiers Syndicate“ and leave no stone unturned. The title track “Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate“ starts raw, unpolished and completely trend-free and forces long-haired, bald and headless people alike to headbang non-stop with razor-sharp, infernal riffs! We have the 2024 […]

Celebrate the Tape Cult with us-here comes our brandnew release! REVEL IN FLESH “Emissary Of All Plagues“ the limited to 300 copies, handnumbered edition is available now for each well sorted Tape shelf Great old school Death Metal in the true classic swedish way – OUT NOW as once more classic Cassette-Version at the D.D.R. […]

Now, it´s good day to realize a big party. In a time where the great metal heroes unfortunately extinct we can listen here, one legend is still alive! Paul Speckmann and MASTER is back with his brandnew album „An Epiphany Of Hate“! Now already out on D.D.R.Tape #14. Your edition is handnumbered to 300 copies […]

All eyes on the 2nd february 2016 !!! Defying Danger Records proudly presents: Our Tapeseries D.D.R. #14 , is a handnumbered, limited Tapeversion of MASTERs newest Album „An Epiphany Of Hate“. 10 exploding tracks from the Architect of old school Death Metal Sounds. Pre-Sale starts now with 10% Discount! …So Take it, feel it, love […]

Hey Freaks and Bangers. Today finally signals the arrival of the first SKELETAL REMAINS Album “Beyond the Flesh” on tape” First released as CD and LP in 2012 hear now comes this Death Metal Beast in a pure oldschool form as a handnumbered Tape Edition of only 300 copies from Defying Danger Records. You like […]

August 8th, 2015 marks a great day for death metal: American Death Metal outfit SKELETAL REMAINS will release their highly aticipated new album „Condemned To Misery“ on TAPE. Watch out for the masterpiece & enjoy the new track

Do you like Death Metal to the filthy bone? It seems like Germany is bursting out with high quality Death Metal bands. So you should catch the new WEAK ASIDE album named „The Next Offensive“, because this is the shit! The quartet is after refreshing with new members from OBSCENITY & DEW-SCENTED finally back! What […]

After waiting for almost 5 years now at least with the 3rd album with the „The Next Offensive“ the East Frisian Tank WEAK ASIDE is ready for the war! ….and by the way, we are proud to inform you that this new 11 old school death metal tracks for fans of BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH & […]

Great news, our label disciples from DISREPUTE ´ll are touring in autumn under the banner „Through The Veins Of Germany“ together with their swedish friends FACEBREAKER. Stay tuned for more upcoming madness in september-here are the dates: DISREPUTE & FACEBREAKER TOUR 2015 17.09.15 HAMBURG Bambi Galore 18.09.15 MAGDEBURG Factory + ORGANISM 19.09.15 PLAUEN Malzhaus 20.09.15 […]

Limited edition of 300 handnumbered pieces ready to enter your Tapeplayer on 12th December 2014 – Pre-sale with 10 discount starts soon! Save your preorder copy here! Supporting MORBID ANGEL on their german gigs: Di 02.12.2014 München / Backstage Mi 03.12.2014 Mannheim / Alte Seilerei Do 04.12.2014 Essen / Turock So 14.12.2014 Hamburg / Klubsen