DESASTER from Koblenz rumble along at the highest level on their sixth album “666 – Satans Soldiers Syndicate“ and leave no stone unturned. The title track “Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate“ starts raw, unpolished and completely trend-free and forces long-haired, bald and headless people alike to headbang non-stop with razor-sharp, infernal riffs!

We have the 2024 edition for you in the following 3 versions:

⇒ B L A C K   V I N Y L 
⇒ G R A Y   V I N Y L
⇒ P I C T U R E   L P

All are strictly limited, come in a gatefold cover and an exclusive vinyl bonus track! So bang or be banged!

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Desaster Satans Soldiers Syndicate Picture LP Front

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