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Great Record Release Party of ORGANISM is over. All bands was fantastic. Greetings to LOCO ANUS & DEEP IN HATE! Beside some problems with the Sound all together was a perfect day !  

Welcome to Hell of the Future! Indeed – ORGANISM´s debut album „Cybernetic“ offer you a dark vision from our life in tomorrow with a brutal Soundtrack! During 28 minutes,the 5 Maniacs process lyrically a post-apocalyptic future vision in the style of James Cameron’s Terminator musically into raging blastbeats. From the depths of pure fucking underground […]

Do you like Death Metal to the filthy bone? It seems like Germany is bursting out with high quality Death Metal bands. So you should catch the new WEAK ASIDE album named „The Next Offensive“, because this is the shit! The quartet is after refreshing with new members from OBSCENITY & DEW-SCENTED finally back! What […]