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The people there already mentioned it and now it is official. Our friends from DISREPUTE have finally a new drummer. Lutz from mighty PURGATORY is now a part of DISREPUTE . We say welcome to the real fucking madness in the Defying Danger Records family!

ORGANISM are confirmed now for Gahlen Moscht 2017! The fucking Ground in „Klein Buckow“ now belong to them! So let´s breake loose a hell grinding storm next year @Gahlen Moscht 2017

The time has come, ORGANISM play their first tour with more than heavy support like the fucking brutal death metal legend DERANGED with their only two shows in germany 2016!!! well on board DEEP IN HATE (feat. Nikolas Bartos ex-APOCALYPSE NOW, ex-ABORTED) LIFELESS & BLOODPUNCH. ORGANISM have brandnew songs from the upcoming split in their […]

„Through The Veins Of Germany“ The Killer Death Metal Tour with DISREPUTE (Ger) & FACEBREAKER (Swe). 17.9. Hamburg, Bambi Galore with FACEBREAKER & local support 18.9. Magdeburg, Factory with FACEBREAKER & ORGANISM 19.9. Plauen, Malzhaus RECORD RELEASE PARTY C9H13NO3 with AEVERON, DEMONBREED & EMINENZ 20.9. Greifswald, Klex with FACEBREAKER & BERSPAIN DISREPUTE present their new […]

Welcome to Hell of the Future! Indeed – ORGANISM´s debut album „Cybernetic“ offer you a dark vision from our life in tomorrow with a brutal Soundtrack! During 28 minutes,the 5 Maniacs process lyrically a post-apocalyptic future vision in the style of James Cameron’s Terminator musically into raging blastbeats. From the depths of pure fucking underground […]

Now it’s time for our first DEFYING DANGER RECORDS release on vinyl as D.D.R.008 DISREPUTE-C9H13NO3 is already out now! We are proud to announce that new album it´s exclusive available on vinyl limited to 500 handnumbered copies only! Save your copy now! The 8 new tracks you can without exaggeration be described as so far […]

Extract from DISREPUTE’s 2nd full-lengt album, scheduled to be released on April 30th 2015 under the auspice of DEFYING DANGER RECORDS. Here comes in advance a fantastic videoclip of the titeltrack from DISREPUTE’s brandnew album „C9H13NO3“ . Please share and go crazy!

Great news, our label disciples from DISREPUTE ´ll are touring in autumn under the banner „Through The Veins Of Germany“ together with their swedish friends FACEBREAKER. Stay tuned for more upcoming madness in september-here are the dates: DISREPUTE & FACEBREAKER TOUR 2015 17.09.15 HAMBURG Bambi Galore 18.09.15 MAGDEBURG Factory + ORGANISM 19.09.15 PLAUEN Malzhaus 20.09.15 […]

We´re ready to disclose our premier signing on DEFYING DANGER RECORDS for release the first CD Album in spring 2015! From the depths of german underground we are proud to present the debut album of East-German brutal death/grinders ORGANISM. ORGANISM is since 2013 in the Death/Grind scene and arose from the ashes of various bands, […]

“Death the brutal way”? Indeed! Germany’s DESERTED FEAR unleash with „Kingdom of Worms“ a pure death metal inferno. Out now on limited tape edition of 300 handnumbered pieces! Are you ready to enjoy this release? Order here!