Slaughterday-tyrants of doom OUT NOW

Slaughterday-tyrants of doom OUT NOW

Attention Old School Death Maniacs!
Now soon to be released the brandnew SLAUGHTERDAY album „Tyrants of Doom“!

This comes in the special version, on red vinyl, with gatefold cover, free download code & exclusive „Tyrants Of Doom“ patch,
which is also limited to 100 copies & is only included in the red vinyl edition!

On top of that, Defying Danger Records is also proud to present here the cassette version, limited to 300 copies only!

As D.D.R. #035 in our Tape Series we serve you soon this new bloody, decomposed masterpiece straight from the slaughterhouse.

Get your hands on the fourth SLAUGHTERDAY studio album „Tyrants Of Doom“, which again offers old school Death Metal in its purest form,
without any fashionable bullshit!

In the waiting period, you can rot in hell with the new video clip Mauled!

Infest XX Years of Deathrashing Tour 2022

Infest XX Years of Deathrashing Tour 2022

Horns up high warriors!!!
The legion 666 is coming NOW!!
Today 15th september INFEST Tourstart in Graz for XX YEARS OF DEATHRASHING !
Ready for Deathrashing Attack?

15.09 Graz, Club Wakuum, AUT
16.09 Salzburg, MARK, AUT
17.09 Halle, Hühnermanhattan Klub, DEU
18.09 Chemnitz, Transit, DEU
19.09 Erfurt, From Hell, DEU
21.09 Wermelskirchen, Ajz Bahndamm, DEU
22.09 Hamburg, Bambi Galore, DEU
23.09 Emden, Coastrock Festival, DEU
24.09 Erlangen, New Force, DEU
25.09 Ljubljana, Klub Gromka, SLO

See You On The Road Warriors!!!



Hell(o) Metal Community

So the date fits. Today it’s the 22.02.2022, so everything is totally Evil as fuck!!!
To mark the occasion, we finally have some news from the Defying Danger Records camp.

We have the great honour to release the 3rd studio full lenght album „Feldwärts“ by the East Westphalian Death Metal maniacs SCALPTURE in the D.D.R Tape Series. On a sunny day in April, 9 old school Death Metal tracks will hit you, with its tremendous powerfullness!

The recordings were done with full concentration & dedication, as you can see on this snapshot from the studio!

As D.D.R.# 034 in our tape series we will present you the hand-numbered tape edition limited to 300 pieces only.

Until then, you can listen to the merciless ear cleaner „Grabengott“ here in advance as a song in continuous loop!

If you want to secure the new masterpiece already now with a 10% presale discount, you can go wild here!


Get your CD from our Distribution-store or download the full album from Bandcamp


Now time is come to present the first result of our Thrash Offensive 2021!

Specializes in uncompromising Death/Thrash Metal misanthropy & intensity, the greek thrashers RAPTURE from Athen strikes back with their 3rd full lenght album „Malevolent Demise Incarnation“.

Those of you who like bands such SADUS, DEMOLITION HAMMER, SOLSTICE or CANCER and love old fashioned Thrash Metal as well are highly invited to check out the 8 brandnew RAPTURE tracks!

Today, the 26th of March will be unleashed this beast upon mankind.

Here as the exclusive Defying Danger Records Edition, which is only available in our D.D.D. Shop! „Malevolent Demise Incarnation“ comes as ultra-limited crystal-clear vinyl edition of 100 copies only, with embroidered logo patch, free downloadcode & extra lyric sheet.

Secure your copy quickly – first come, first serve!

Infest@ Vortex Studio
Infest@ Vortex Studio

The Thrash Offensive 2021 continues! Our brothers from INFEST are just about to finish the recordings for their new album „Psychosis“.

Then the 11 tracks immediately go to Dan Swanö in Sweden for sound refinement.

The terrific artist Roberto Toderico felt responsible for the cover, which was a very good decision.

But INFEST still have some more surprises in the luggage!
So be inquisitive to the next Deathrash-Offensive from Serbia.

The 6th masterpiece by the Deathrash Legion 666 will be released in spring on CD and as limited Vinyl Version.

We looking forward for more Sound From the Underground – see you in hell!.

Kommentare deaktiviert für RAPTURE Malevolent Demise Incarnation LP | CLEAR VINYL | Death/Thrash |

Welcome in year 2021! The first festivals are already being canceled again, but we’re ready now even more to starting our Thrash Offensive 2021!

Get ready, because from March 26th the first salvo will come from Athens with the 3rd studio album “Malevolent Demise Incarnation“ by the Greek Thrashers RAPTURE.

Three years after the release of their acclaimed 2nd album “Paroxysm of Hatred“, follow new 8 new uncompromising tracks

„Malevolent Demise Incarnation“ will be the most extreme and hatred-filled RAPTURE album to date. Expect nothing less than an overwhelming storm of disgusting and untamed aural horrorshow. If you don’t want to believe it, check out the lyric video!

Defying Danger Records will presents you the limited edition of 100 copies only, in crystal-clear vinyl with exclusive embroidered patch! Get your copy here!

DECAYING - Shells Will Fall Vinyl
DECAYING – Shells Will Fall Vinyl
Hell(o) old school Maniacs

It´s to late, we are no longer save in here! Today is the day, DECAYING the finnish Death Metal Warmachine start the blow over the world with their fierce record „Shells Will Fall“.

The four-piece Commando is back out of the bunker, and now you get the time to check out this new masterpiece. We all know the current situation was not what we all expected, but now it will get old school, it will get loud, it will get DECAYING!

You will get what you deserve. A record for all the old school Death Metal Fans out there, including 8 brandnew tracks with a lot of Groove and damn old voices which you only can find at the battflefield.

But DECAYING don´t come with Empty bags to the war, they put their Death Metal into our shop and let their 400 Vinyl records which are strictly limited to 100 white and 300 black untis and also for the Die Hard Fighters 300 hand numbered Tapes comes soon at 6th june!

All Edition be equipped again with an amazing Cover Art by Roberto Toderico the italian mastermind in art.

So we only can say, be fast, kill fast and don´t get killed by this new record!
Better secure your copy before it´s to late!

Stay healthy and Rock’n’ Roll !!!

Decaying Band 2020
Decaying Band 2020

Attention for some great news!

At first we want to apologize for the long time of no real news on the label page but with this news we think you will be more than happy.

In this period of Covid 19 and Stay at home slogans your ears need some other tunes. And there will be much better tunes of the mighty DECAYING from Finland with their old school Death Fucking Metal.

Its a real pleasure to announce that we will release the limited Tape and Vinyl version of this new monster record. Tape will be limited to 300 handnumbered units and the Vinylversion will be there as 100 White and 300 Black 12“.

8 new tracks of Riffs for all Headbangers out there. Some people and magazines reviewed the Band in the Veins of ASPHYX and BOLT THROWER and we think they didn’t wrong but DECAYING also have their really own style so give them a try and check them out.

Shells Will Fall“ will be out at 29th may ass D.D.R.#032 and the Pre-Order is already open at the Defying Danger Shop.

Thanks for all of you who support this release in this hard times and you all know … the time will change and we all will headbang together again soon!!!

If your boredom will too big until the releasedate, then you can check out so long already the titeltrack „Shells Will Fall“ !

EVOKED - Ravenous Compulsion LP OUT NOW
EVOKED – Ravenous Compulsion LP

Hail Death Metal Community,

Yes it´s done,the beast is unleashed now! Defying Danger Records
is proud to present “Ravenous Compulsion“, EVOKEDs long-awaited debut full lenght album is OUT NOW, as D.D.R. #031 on Vinyl!

8 tracks, gritty, fast and mean, will rip through your chest with its aggressive riffs and cavernous vocals.

Taking a similar route to bands like AUTOPSY mixed with MORBID ANGEL, this record will have you stomping in doom one moment and staring into space the next.

Songwriting is another strong suit for EVOKED. Each track has multiple riffing sections and even atmospheric parts, all of which are strung together creatively.

It makes for a fun listening experience, and it means that the listener won’t become bored.

EVOKED created a good debut for themselves, and this will be a great foundation on which to build a great discography.

Here you can get this strictly limited vinyl edition in two different colors
(300 copies black & 100 copies red) album stickers & free download code.
Buy & die you filthy sickos!