Vandal Live

Vandal Live

Some last salute´s in 2018 comes from Mr Vandal, vokillist, metal maniac & guitarist at INFEST.

So, let’s start the 2019! We’re looking forward to new crushing Albums, insane Gigs, Festivals. Have a good time and see ya next year!

„Hail legions of Deathrahing metal!

First of all, I would like to send the biggest regards to Jens, one truly dedicated man, one passionate metalhead and one of the best no compromising label.

I salute INFEST legions worlwide and I send hugs and respect, wherever you are!
We had a busy year in 2018, and it just gave us more power to destroy all the stages we can get in 2019!

DEATHRASH ATTACK 2019 tour will happen in May 2019, so get your horns up high and come to a show near by! Metal is more than music, its a way of life. If you share my opinion, I will be waiting for you maniacs in the club, so we can mosh together!

Also, INFEST will record 2 new songs as the announcement for the upcoming tour, so stay tuned, you maniacs!



Slaughterday Abattoir Tape

Slaughterday Abattoir Tape

Defying Danger Records present „Abattoir“ the #028 in our D.D.R. Tape Series!
SLAUGHTERDAY from Leer is back with 4 new tracks & 2 coversongs from TROUBLE & AMORPHIS!

One of the most morbid and bloodiest death metal bands from Germany crawls out of his tomb and after 1.5 years of abstinence comes back with a almost half-hour new mini album.

„Abattoir“ was recorded, mixed and mastered during November 2017 by Jörg Uken at his Soundlodge Studio. The German artist Thomas Westphal/ Necromaniac Artworks is responsible for the great artwork. Go out and ask us for your handnumbered copy!

Infest@OpenAirs 2018

Infest@OpenAirs 2018

Deathrash Mania over Gemany this Summer! Serbian maniacs INFEST will be back live on stage to destroy all. Friday 27th Juli @K-Town Metal Fest & Saturday at the famous Riedfest. See you there!!!

REQUIEM - Global Resistance Rising TAPE

REQUIEM – Global Resistance Rising TAPE

Swiss death metal machine REQUIEM are back, with the „Global Resistance Rising“.
There were times when even optimists feared that the sinking of their record company had killed the band. Seven years after the release of „Within Darkened Disorder“ album, death metal veterans punish all doubters and use „Global Resistance Rising“ as an outlet for pent-up rage.

As if the wheels had never stood still, the 5 Swiss, who are musically positioned between Scandinavian and Florida’s death scene, immediately rattle off in proven tradition their 10 new tracks. Better than ever – for REQUIEM in any case the funeral mass is not yet read. Here it says rather: everything in the good old school, instead of old iron!

As D.D.R. # 027 in our Tape Series we present you, the new masterpiece on limited to 300 hand-numbered pieces only-finally OUT NOW!



In Summer 2018 we can offer you an old school death metal meat chunk at it´s best! „Abattoir“ the new material from Lower Saxonys SLAUGHTERDAY awaits you at 8th august on D.D.R Tape-Series #028. There are 6x real Death Metal far away from the stuff by the glossy magazine title heroes. So long follow the „Wasteland Of Demise

Abjured Absolutist CD

Abjured Absolutist CD

Hallelujah! After so long time in progress, different crap´n problems during the record sessions, finally new ABJURED Album „Absolutist“ is landed on earth, to destroy them!

Everything was done at the Basement Palace Studio, mastered by Patrick W. “Engel Öf Death“ at Temple Of Disharmony.

Infact, we’re totally happy now to present you 11 Traxx of skull crushing WasteTownDoomedGrind. Perfectly played in just nearly 40 minutes to bring fresh wind into your shack.

No matter how ya call it, Grind, Crust, Death Metal, Thrash, Doom whatever…It´s OUR MUSIC, OUR DRUG, OUR LIVES!

Enjoy an trip by our four chaotic dudes. Take a drink, or some many more & have fun. It’s the authentic Sound From The Underground!



Finally it’s done, the 5 Swiss Death Metal Maniacs from REQUIEM strikes back with 10 new tracks & their long awaited 6th full length album „Global Resistance Rising“ is close to be unleashed soon!

We are pleased to announce that we can offer you the Tapeversion from this amazing new masterpiece, after 7 years of a so called release-break they used for themselves.

But now REQUIEM are back, in best shape and stronger than ever before, full of energy and with a monster of album in their luggage. The gandiose cover artwork, traditionally from the cult artist Dan Seagrave.

You can reserve your copy of the D.D.R. Tape Series #027 from now on with 10% discount here. Attention!!! is limited to 300 handnumbered copies only-be fast or die!

In the wait you can relax with their new videoclip „For The Blind To See“

Abjured - Absolutist CD coming soon

Abjured CD coming soon

The record sessions for ABJURED´s “Absolutist” album are finally completed today from the Master of (Re)-Mastering Patrick W. Engel at “Temple Of Disharmony” Studio.

ABJURED´s second filthy full lenght album “Absolutist” thus coming soon and 11 Trax are prepared to unleash the mankind from the slavery.

The new masterpiece of WasteTownDoomedGrind will be on streets at 3rd march 2018.
Pre-sale at Defying Danger Shop start´s now with 10% discount!

Final greetings in this year comes from Don Ron, chief of drums at ABJURED.
Have a good time and see ya next year in this paralel universe!

„Well…another year has past, a lot of shit fucked brains, minds and hearts, too many idiots day by day…
But everytime there’s a great thing that binds us all. It’s the authentic sound from the Underground! No matter how ya call it, Grind, Crust, DeathMetal, Thrash, Doom etc…

Our Music, Our Drug, Our Lives!!! (quotation by Michael „Bleu“ Adienne R.I.P.)
And there are a few dudes holding the flag with their support on it, outta fuckin‘ business crap. Infact, they are the engines!!!

Labels, Organizers, Promoters, HardMusickFreaks and Bands…together as one!
My experience over many years just and still reveals that it’s a lovely international family and I’m totally happy for being a part of it. United in the language of Musick this famlee keeps the whole thing alive, phantastic!

So, let’s start 2018!!! We’re looking forward to new mind – crushing Albums, insane Gigs, Festivals and good times. We’ll meet on our places peacefully in party – hard, we grind the nazi scum, we don’t mind about Rockstar – Shit, we’re into IT!!! The GrindBall is rolling…

All the best and health to ya everybody in the upcoming year!!!
Love, Grind n Cheerz“

Arroganz Primitiv-Tape Out-Now


Death Praising Tunes from Germany! ARROGANZ create in the 40 minutes on Primitiv-Tape a perfect way of darkness,to exhale their new, own infernal visions of blackenend death metal.

The somber trio allowing black metal to seep into and corrupt their powerful death metal base, they have created with „Primitiv“ an album of extreme depth & substance.

Be prepare for some blasphemous rage and intoxicated doom outrage on Tape. „Primitiv“ including 6 new tracks is out now as D.D.R. #023 in the Defying Danger Records Tapes Series.
Your limited to 300 handnumbered copy awaits you!