DECAYING – Shells Will Fall | LP | Tape | D.D.R. 032 | Old School Death Metal |

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Release Date 29/05/2020

Decaying Band
Decaying Band

DECAYING was formed during the summer 2010 in Helsinki, Finland by Matias Nastolin and Olli Suurmunne. The first demo, „New Order“, was released 17th of November 2010. The 2nd demo, entitled „The Annihilator“ was released 16th of February 2011.

„Devastate“, an compilation album consisting of the first two demos, was released 1st of May 2011.

Without missing a beat, the still shifting but thanks to the front man’s uncompromising lead and vision dedicated line-up churned out two additional short formats. The 4-way split with TURBOCHARGED, VIOLENTOR, OBSCYRIA and the EP „Lifeless Allurement“. That proved EVOKED’s superiority over oh-so-many parvenus who make do with emulating their heroes instead of writing substantial songs.

Drummer Benjam Lahdenpää joined the band in April 2011. Guitarist Otso Polenius replaced Olli „Otu“ Suurmunne in start of May, but the spot was soon taken by Henri Hirvonen in the beginning of July 2011.

The debut studio album „Encirclement“ was released January 2nd of 2012. Bassist Sebastian Bergman joined Decaying in August the same year.

The second studio full-length album, „The Last Days Of War“ was released 30th of May 2013.

„One To Conquer“ was released November 4th 2014 as CD, and March 4th 2016 as LP.

„The Forgotten Conflict“ EP was released September 18th of 2015 on cassette.

DECAYING parted ways with drummer Benjam Lahdenpää in late 2015. Okko Tolvanen joined the band as a session/live member after Benjam’s departure.

The 4th studio album „To Cross The Line“ was recorded in 2016 and Drummer Olli Törrönen joined the band also in late 2017.

Now in 2020 after three years of careful songwriting and with some livegigs the Finnish Death Metal Warmachine are ready for their 5th assault!

On “Shells Will Fall“ DECAYING once again offer an massive album, atmospherically & lyrics primarily geared towards historical wars and destruction. Be sure, this 8 brandnew tracks will kick your ass soon! The damn album cover by Roberto Toderico make this mood perfect!

As D.D.R. #032 in our Vinyl & Tape series, the 5th full lenght studio album “Shells Will Fall“ will be released on May 29th, 2020 in a lovely Vinyl and Tape Edition via Defying Danger Records

The LP-Edition in pitch-black or white vinyl, is limited to 300 respectively 100 copies only, comes with lyric sheet, free download code and an album sticker on top! The Tape-edition comes in handnumbered 300 copies only!

The Pre-sale with 10% Discount has begun, available at the Defying Danger online-shop.
Here we go and let´s start the war!

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Decaying Discography

2010 New Order  Demo         
2011 The Annihilator  Demo         
2011 Devastate Compilation       
2012 Encirclement  
2013 The Last Days of War
2014 New Order 2014
2014 One to Conquer
2015 The Forgotten Conflict
2018 To Cross the Line
2019 Decaying split w. HUMILIATION
2020 Shells Will Fall

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