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So the date fits. Today it’s the 22.02.2022, so everything is totally Evil as fuck!!!
To mark the occasion, we finally have some news from the Defying Danger Records camp.

We have the great honour to release the 3rd studio full lenght album „Feldwärts“ by the East Westphalian Death Metal maniacs SCALPTURE in the D.D.R Tape Series. On a sunny day in April, 9 old school Death Metal tracks will hit you, with its tremendous powerfullness!

The recordings were done with full concentration & dedication, as you can see on this snapshot from the studio!

As D.D.R.# 034 in our tape series we will present you the hand-numbered tape edition limited to 300 pieces only.

Until then, you can listen to the merciless ear cleaner „Grabengott“ here in advance as a song in continuous loop!

If you want to secure the new masterpiece already now with a 10% presale discount, you can go wild here!


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