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Howdy Folks, Today we are more than proud to announce our next Release. It´s gonna be the latest Killer Album of our German-Dutch Thrash Metal Brothers DEW-SCENTED wich is called “Intermination”. This insane piece of Music was orginal released in June 2015 on CD/Vinyl/digital and comes now in the truest old school form known to […]

It has finally arrived. The 2nd Skeletal Remains Album „Condemned To Misery“ on tape. Four brutal young men from California are ready to fucking eat you alive. You like old school Death Metal with Martin Van Drunen like vocals? Look no further. Get your copy now!

We´re proud to announced here the next Part in the D.D.R. Tape-Series! This ´ll be the limited Tape-Edition of 300 handnumbered pieces from the great new SKELETAL REMAINS Album „Condemned To Misery“. Watch out for this masterpiece at 8th august 2015 & be ready to safe your copy! Pre-Sale with 10% discount starts soon here! […]

Do you like Death Metal to the filthy bone? It seems like Germany is bursting out with high quality Death Metal bands. So you should catch the new WEAK ASIDE album named „The Next Offensive“, because this is the shit! The quartet is after refreshing with new members from OBSCENITY & DEW-SCENTED finally back! What […]

Here comes OBSCURE INFINITY from Westerwald and presents the 3rd album „Perpetual descending into nothingness“. This five mates continues their tradition from the past, playing a very fast and melodic form of blackened Death Metal. This a clear statement that the German scene is very much alive. It could imagine that the band can reach […]

CHAPEL OF DISEASE from Cologne presents 7 malodorous new tracks on their long awaited 2nd album “ The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art “ which is album of the month December in Rock Hard!!! We´re proud to present from this amazing Masterpiece of old school Death Metal in February 2015 the very limited Tape Edition […]

“Death the brutal way”? Indeed! Germany’s DESERTED FEAR unleash with „Kingdom of Worms“ a pure death metal inferno. Out now on limited tape edition of 300 handnumbered pieces! Are you ready to enjoy this release? Order here!

Chilean Death Metal horde THORNAFIRE is back with their brandnew 4th Album named „Magnaa“. They are presenting 11 new from classical music inspired compositions plus Intro, Intermezzo and Outro. Outstanding technical Death Metal somewhere between DEATH (latest era), MORBID ANGEL or GOLEM. With no doubt, „Magnaa“ includes their best work so far. Lyrics are in […]

From the depths of Californian crypts we are proud to present: MORFIN – Inoculation TAPE! 10 bonesplitting old school Death Metal tracks in the vein of early DEATH, OBITUARY, MASSACRE or GORGUTS awaits you! Rising from the influences of heavy metal, MORFIN is a metal band, delineating the negativity present in the world, in life […]