Final greetings in this year comes from Don Ron, chief of drums at ABJURED.
Have a good time and see ya next year in this paralel universe!

„Well…another year has past, a lot of shit fucked brains, minds and hearts, too many idiots day by day…
But everytime there’s a great thing that binds us all. It’s the authentic sound from the Underground! No matter how ya call it, Grind, Crust, DeathMetal, Thrash, Doom etc…

Our Music, Our Drug, Our Lives!!! (quotation by Michael „Bleu“ Adienne R.I.P.)
And there are a few dudes holding the flag with their support on it, outta fuckin‘ business crap. Infact, they are the engines!!!

Labels, Organizers, Promoters, HardMusickFreaks and Bands…together as one!
My experience over many years just and still reveals that it’s a lovely international family and I’m totally happy for being a part of it. United in the language of Musick this famlee keeps the whole thing alive, phantastic!

So, let’s start 2018!!! We’re looking forward to new mind – crushing Albums, insane Gigs, Festivals and good times. We’ll meet on our places peacefully in party – hard, we grind the nazi scum, we don’t mind about Rockstar – Shit, we’re into IT!!! The GrindBall is rolling…

All the best and health to ya everybody in the upcoming year!!!
Love, Grind n Cheerz“

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