The Blastdivision NECRO is ready for the next assault and will release their new album „Under the Flag“ on May the 5th through Defying Danger Records! Fans of NASUM, ROTTEN SOUND or ENABLER will love it! Sneak into the Tracklist right now and have a small sample of the Album later on, with the brandnew track WORKUTA. Your full album copy with 10% pre-sale discount – snatch it here!!!

01. 1/f²–Rauschen (Braunes Rauschen)
02. Excrements Of The Sun
03. Toxic Environment
04. Massendelikt
05. VEI 8
06. End In Vomit
07. Workuta
08. Zivilisationsautismus
09. Eremitenland
10. Handle The Flag
11. Nogeun-ri
12. Freiheitszerstörer
13. Zersetzungsmaßnahme
14. Perfect Day In A Perfect World
15. Cold Dead Hands

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