Today we’re happy to share some great news with you guys.
The filthy old school Death Metal demolition squad REVEL IN FLESH strikes back!
Their long awaited new album is already recorded and mixed with the king of SweDeath himself, Dan Swanö. This brandnew 10 track killer recordings will be named
“Emissary Of All Plagues“.

Defying Danger Records is proud to present from this amazing new masterpiece in old school Death Metal a very limited Tape Edition for collectors only! This will be striclty limited to 300 handnumbered copies, released at the D.D.R. Tapeseries #18

It sees the light of day on the day of the 12th of december 2016 to cover everything with fuckin´ darkness!

As foretaste, there is this official lyric-video from the titel track of the album “Emissary Of All Plagues“ – play it loud!

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