Sledgehammer Nosejob New-Signing

The Sledgehammers and Defying Danger Records are very pleased to announce their collaboration.Both are currently busy with sharpening the tools for the upcoming operation and will keep you up to date.

After starting out as a studioproject and unleashing their spoils on the world wide (spiders) web,both Fredde Kaddeth and Carl Assault were eager to bring their mutilations on stage.

Joining them on their crusades are Casper le Gras (bass), Marco Prij (drums, also playing in DISTILLATOR and Gideon (drums), also playing in MASSIVE ASSAULT.

Their second livegig was at the (in)famous Protzen Open Air and more gigs followed.
Meanwhile both Sledgehammers were getting more and more questions about an actual release.

And now it’s finally time to announce that this will be happening in the very near future!
Expect to be sledgehammered by a lethal mixture of Death Metal, Crust, Rock ’n‘ Roll, Thrash & Punk- in your face!!!

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