Arroganz Bandfoto mit logo


Well, now we are able to present you our next collaboration for another part in the D.D.R. Tape Series. It‘s a deal with death praising tunes from Cottbus called ARROGANZ!

Underground’s most desecrating blackened Death Metal Band from eastern germany join forces in this very exceptional new album entitled „Primitiv“. But no, it doesn’t sound primitive or simple, here waiting 6 new songs & with no doubt ARROGANZ’s best written material so far.

Defying Danger Records present the Tape Edition just in time for the up-coming Tour with DEATHRONATION & GOATH. So check this unbelievable dark power live on stage and reserve your copy from the D.D.R. Tape Series #023.

It will be limited to 300 handnumbered pieces and the pre-sale starts now here!

In the wait you can expel the time with a new videoclip:
„Another God, Dead“ a small pre-taste which monster awaits you!

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